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    This is classically trained pianist, musician and producer of all genres, graphic designer, web designer and developer

    Jonathan Cambry


    “You cannot teach passion but you can give that person enough knowledge of the techniques and other ways to think about the music itself to make passion attainable early for the student”


    Jonathan Cambry plays "Une Barque sur l'ocean" by Maurice Ravel

    One of Cambry's favorite video selections from the past, a classical piano piece by Maurice Ravel

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    Jonathan Paul Cambry is a classically trained pianist, also a graphic designer, freelance music instructor, contemporary music improviser, producer, web designer and developer from the southside of Chicago who has been playing and performing piano since the age of 3. He was invited to perform piano at an opening in New York, performances in Svendborg-Denmark, Amsterdam, Malaysia, Italy, and all over the United States most notably the Chicago Symphony Center in 2012 invited by grammy-award winner Emanuel Ax. Cambry started beginning studying piano as a child at the age of 3. He now uses his talents to also teach, collaborate and improvise on classical and contemporary music like R&B and hip-hop using both digital and acoustic pianos. His contemporary works will be coming sometime in 2020. His now interests include playing, improvising and teaching (not currently teaching new students) all forms of music. Just for fun in Chicago his personal interests include still playing classical piano and many sports as well! Cambry believes that learning the piano is the greatest start to doing contemporary music of all forms.

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    Jonathan Cambry is on Thumbtack (not currently teaching new students)


    Project Collaboration "Sonatasia" with in California


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    There are more videos featuring Jonathan Cambry which can be shown on his YouTube channel "pianoplaya123"

    Moment Musical No. 4 by Sergei Rachmaninoff

    One of Cambry's favorite videos and popular pieces by Sergei Rachmaninoff and favorited on YouTube years ago

    Scherzo No 1 by Frederic Chopin

    One of Cambry's highly viewed videos uploaded on YouTube years ago was a popular scherzo by Frederic Chopin

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